The Institute for the Development of Social Services has almost a decade of experience in partnerships in projects from the area of social policy. Since 2005, IRSS has been a participant in a number of projects including In Search for a Model of Social Economy, Professional Social Worker, Valuing Education and Experience of the Local Councillors in Europe, Evaluation in Social Care or Comprehensive forms of social and professional reintegration in lokal communities. During our participation in projects and thanks to other research, publishing and educational activities, the Institute has established close ties with numerous institutions related to social policy, including:

  • Academy of Special Education
  • local social care institutions,
  • Social Integration Observatories,
  • Convention of Social Integration Clubs and Centres,
  • Regional Centres of Social Policy,
  • independent non-government organizations focusing on social care and social policy issues.

Thanks to years of experience and a wide network of cooperating institutions, the Institute for the Development of Social Services is able to provide vital contribution to any research or educational project related to the area of social policy. If you are interested in the cooperation with IRSS in any research or educational projects or activities, please contact us via this contact form.